GI cake stallHi there,

Seeing as it’s only a few weeks till Christmas I had planned on uploading a new series on edible gifts to give you some ideas on simple bakes which would make great Christmas presents or even a homemade hamper.TrufflesHowever, my oven decided it didn’t like that plan and has gone on permanent strike so with no oven I’m afraid all baking has had to be temporarily suspended.

Our new oven should have been delivered by now, but again it wasn’t to be as it was damaged and now it’s out of stock so I’ve learnt a lesson… when retailers (John Lewis, I’m looking at you) tell you delivery will only take 5-7 days don’t ever believe them. So in all it will be around 4-5 weeks with no oven, which is a total nightmare.

Hopefully, it will arrive next Friday and I can get back in the kitchen and upload a few new baking posts as they have been seriously lacking of late.

Suz x