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PaletteHi there,

I have spent the last six months stalking the Makeup Geek website but my perseverance was rewarded after I was able to finally get my hands on nine amazing eyeshadows. As well as taking me months to choose which shades I wanted I also had to content with the constant out of stock sign, but I figured these guys must be good so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

PansThere are a few things that drew me to Makeup Geek; the price, the quality, the colour selection, but mostly I like the thought of being able to support a growing brand and someone like Marlena. Although I’ve never met her I think she is truly inspirational as she’s being able to take her passion to the next level. And for all her success she still comes across as a very honest and humble person who takes the time to reply to people like me on social media.

Although I’ve never swatched or seen any of the shadows in person I felt confident placing an order as it really helps that the website has swatches of all the shades as well as reviews from customers.

Eyeshadows are definitely a weakness for me and I was instantly drawn to all the bold colours and to be honest it was difficult being able to stick to just nine shades as there are so many uniques shades that appealed to me.


L-R Shimma Shimma, Rockstar, Sensuous, Pixie Dust, Mermaid, Burlesque, Envy, Nautica, Pretentious – just stunning!

In the end I went for:

  • Shimma Shimma – metallic champagne
  • Rockstar – pale silver with purple iridescence
  • Sensuous – shimmery purple with silver
  • Pixie Dust – shimmery lime green
  • Mermaid – metallic teal with gold
  • Burlesque – deep metallic burgandy
  • Envy – deep metallic green
  • Nautica – shimmery midnight blue
  • Pretentious – metallic bronze

I found the quality of all the shadows to be very good. Pigmentation was amazing, they blended beautifully and I had no issues with them creasing or fading on my oily lids. Out of the nine shades Rockstar was probably my least favourite as I’m not sure if this colour suited my skintone as much as the others, plus it’s such a unique shade I’m not always sure what to pair it with. But I’m sure with a little experimentation I will find a way to make it work.

In terms of a favourite shade this is a tough one as I love Burlesque, Pixie Dust, Mermaid, Shimma Shimma and Sensuous. However, I find myself reaching for Burlesque more than any other shade so I guess that would be my number one pick as its just beautiful and something a bit different than anything else I own.

 Closed paletteI placed my order at the end of September and it took roughly two weeks for them to arrive from America which I thought was pretty decent. I also had no issues with payment or custom fees which made me even happier. So in total I paid £38 for nine eyeshadows and shipping as well as around £12 for a Z Palette. £50 might seem a bit expensive for a 9-pan eyeshadow palette but the fact that the packaging is black and white and the colours are completely customized to what I want is totally worth it.

The only problem is that nine shades are not enough and the upcoming launch of the foil shadows are definitely calling out to me so be prepared for a part two palette in the near future…

What other Makeup Geek products are a must have?

* Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money!

Suz x