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TarteHi there,

It’s taken me a long time to write this review mainly because I have struggled to make up my mind one way or the other about this brand. However, I’ve persevered and I finally have an opinion on all the products I bought in Canada and America.

Rainforest PaletteRainforest after dark palette: I have a weakness for palettes and even though the packaging is not in my customary black and is bulkier than I’d like I was still willing to give it a go as it seemed a great way to try out as many new products as possible. This is a limited edition palette so I’m not sure how long it will be available for.

Shadow swatchesI’ll start with the things I love… There are six shadows in this palette and the colour selection is really fabulous. From a neutral eye to a smokey purple eye they’ve got it covered. Out of the six shades the plum and gold colours are definitely my favourite and are completely versatile. They are buttery soft and swatch beautifully. However, I wouldn’t say pigmentation is amazing as I have to work really hard to build the colour up on my lid. In terms of staying power these last all day with a good primer. The highlighter is beautiful and something I usually wear on my brow bone.


L – R Bare to Explore, Make a Mauve, Plum Away with Me, Up to No Gold, Tangled up in you, Don’t Turn a Brown, Champagne, Park Avenue, Unleashed

And now for the things I wasn’t wowed by…The blusher is a lovely nude pink, but it doesn’t seem to have much pigmentation for my skin tone. I also had the same problem with the bronzer so I haven’t been reaching for them very often. The quality of the product is lovely though.Would I buy again? Yes the eyeshadows more than make up for the blusher and bronzer.

PowderAmazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation in fair-light neutral: This is classed as full coverage foundation but I don’t feel like it had enough coverage for me as it doesn’t cover any of my blemishes. However, this could be down to the colour match which I would say is one shade too light for my skin tone. The powder feels nice and light on the face, but it doesn’t come close to my Young Blood mineral power foundation in the shade Honey, which still remains my favourite foundation of all time. For reference My skin tone in light-neutral and I am B20 in Chanel.

Power2Would I buy again? This is a nice foundation but I don’t love it, so it would have to be no. Plus even with the mesh cover it’s really messy and the powder gets everywhere.

MascaraLights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara: Out of all the products I bought this is the one I hated most so I’m really glad I only bought the travel size. This is quite a wet formula which needed a few coats, but it did give good definition. However, on every occasion a few hours after applying I found my lashes kept sticking together which is not the most pleasant of experiences.

Mascara2Would I buy again? Definitely not!

I wouldn’t say Tarte was a complete success on this occasion but it hasn’t put me off the brand and I would definitely like to try out a few more products namely the blushers, the 12-hour full coverage foundation and some of the brushes. But then maybe this is just an excuse to order something else from the Sephora website!

Suz x