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Ferry crossingHi there,

After four amazing days in Vancouver it was time to head over to Victoria and we were definitely looking forward to seeing what the capital had to offer.

BC FerryTravelling to Victoria: We paid the coach company an additional $12 to pick us up from the hotel and this was definitely money well spent as the bus station is miles away so we wouldn’t have been able to walk there with our luggage.

BurgerThe ferry to Victoria takes 1 hour and 35 minutes, which is a great way to travel. You can get a bite to eat in the restaurant and the food is typically good, especially the burgers which are massive. And once you’ve had chance to fill your belly you can go sit on deck and enjoy the wonderful views. The coach dropped us off at the bus station, which is roughly around 20 minutes from the ferry terminal and luckily for us our hotel was only a 5-minute walk away.

Hotel reception2

Hotel receptionThe hotel: We stopped at the Chateau Victoria Hotel which is pretty central so we felt it was the perfect location to explore the city. On check-in we asked for a room on a high floor and we were given a spacious 2 bedroom suite with a kitchen and lounge area. And although the room was nice it wasn’t as glamorous as the public areas, but it was more than suitable for our needs.

RoomThe staff were very friendly and helpful, and we would definitely stop here again given the chance. We ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant on a couple of days and the portion sizes were epic, especially the pancakes.  It’s just a shame that we didn’t get chance to try out the restaurant in the evening, but with only three days in the city we wanted to try as many places as possible.

Fishermans wharf

Harbour boats

SealionsFisherman’s Wharf: This was one of my favourite places in Victoria as it has a lovely, chilled out vibe and I think it’s a great way to pass the time on a sunny afternoon. In terms of things to do you can book whale watching trips, kayaking or simply stuff your face with fresh fish and chips, seafood or ice cream. And of course where there’s fresh fish there’s usually an otter or a sea lion or two hanging around.

VictoriaDowntown Victoria: I must admit to being slightly disappointed with Victoria. I was expecting the city to be really quaint as lots of people had told me to expect this. However, the buildings were a lot bigger and different to the picture I’d built up in my mind.


Harbour distantI was soon won over though as Victoria has a lovely harbor front and we both found it to be a great city to spend time in as the people are really friendly and it is a very relaxed and chilled out place. It also had some great shops and restaurants, and I must admit that we got used to the friendly “Hi there, how’s your day going” greeting every time we entered a bar, restaurant or shop. Out of all the shops in Victoria, Sitka was definitely our favourite as they design and make a lot of their t-shirts locally. So of course we both had to pick one up and I’m glad I did as it’s fast become one my favourites. In fact the quality of the material is so good I wish I’d bought two now.

Victoria at nightWe also managed to fit is some amazing trips in our time on Vancouver Island so I will talk more about them in my next post and of course there will be food talk as this place really excels when it comes to food and drink. The huge food portions certainly took us surprise and even the seven eleven store was awesome.

Suz x