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Wedding cake2Hi there,

It’s been a while since my last post as life has been hectic of late, but I do at least have some nice cake pictures I can share with you.

Wrapper close

Cupcakes have featured a few times on my blog over the last year, but I couldn’t resist adding one final post to show you what you can achieve with a few cupcakes and a bit of practice.

Practice runWhen my Sister-in-Law asked me to make her wedding cake I jumped at the chance, but I was also a little nervous as making a wedding cake is a big responsibility. For her special day she wanted three different flavoured cupcakes as well as a small fruit cake, so after a few practice runs this was the finished result.

Fruit cakeFor the fruit cake I used a 5” tin and made up my usual Christmas cake recipe and fed it weekly with port. You can use rum or whiskey instead of port, but I think the cake tastes much better when port is added. The icing is definitely the most difficult part, but as I have three Christmas cakes to make this year I think I will be getting in some much needed practice.

Vanilla split

Lemon splitFor the cupcakes I made chocolate sponge filled with hazelnut ganache and strawberry jam, vanilla sponge filled with strawberry jam and lemon sponge filled with homemade lemon curd, courtesy of my Father-in-Law. To give the lemon an extra kick I also added some lemon curd to the sponge.Rose

All cakes were then topped off with a pink buttercream to match the amazing wedding flowers. And as roses were part of the wedding bouquet the buttercream was piped into the shape of a rose to complete the look and tie everything in.

Cupcake closeSuz x