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S&C cupcakesHi lovelies,

Although my blog has been looking a bit sparse on the baking front I have still been beavering away like mad in the kitchen mostly because I’d agreed to make some cakes for a charity garden open day a couple weeks back. So with the help of my husband we made a sticky treacle, ginger and lime cake and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without perfecting my strawberry and chocolate cupcakes. This was the first time I’d ever attempted to sell my cakes so I was more than a little nervous on the day, but when I heard they’d all been sold and there were no complaints I was really happy.

Stickey treacle, ginger and lime cake

ginger cake 2

So on the back of one success my next task was to make some cakes for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday last weekend but as usual things didn’t go to plan! Originally this blog post was going to be about a lovely sachertorte but unfortunately it wasn’t as lovely as I’d envisioned as I dropped the top of the cake so I had to improvise with both the cake and the blog…

S&C cupcakes x6

Strawberyy cupcakes

So rather than tempt fate and make the cake again I decided to opt for the easy option and make some lemon cupcakes, of which half were filled with lime curd and the other half topped with a lemon syrup. I also decided to make my favourite nutty caramel layer cake as this cake is so deliciously moreish and I thought it would go down well with everyone.

Hopefully normal service will resume over the next couple of weeks as I’m planning to make a whole host of things from macaroons and mini Pavlovas to Vienna whirls and iced biscuits, not to mention a few types of bread. So fingers crossed that everything turns out and that I have something to write about.

Suz x