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CB box Hi lovelies,

The summer sales are in full swing in the UK at the moment and there are some really great deals to be had. So when I got a mail notifying me that Cult Beauty had 15% off everything I was more than a little excited as I’ve been waiting for a discount code for ages.

CB Haul

Mizon – Multi function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream: I’ve been looking for an eye cream and something which can reverse sun damage for last couple of months so when I came across this cream claiming to get rid of dark circles, lines and dark spots I totally fell for the spiel and jumped on to the South Korean bandwagon.

snail ingredients

Snail Repair Eye Cream

South Korean skin care is very popular at the moment so this was another reason why I was curious to try this product. I think £18 (before the discount) for an eye cream is really cheap so I’m sceptical whether it will work, but it’s worth giving a go. The texture of this cream is more like a gel than a lotion and you get a fairly big pot so it should last me ages. I just hope it works!

 Aestelance Mud Mask

Aestelance hair mask: I’ve been suffering with a sore, dry scalp (sexy!) of late so I’ve been trying lots of different hair products to try and help solve the problem. This mask claims to soothe your scalp and leave your hair soft and shiny, so it sounds right up my street and with 15% off and a free deluxe size I was pretty chuffed.

I’ve used this once and so far I have mixed feelings. On the soft and shiny front this stuff is epic and I was thrilled with how my hair looked and felt. With regards to my scalp it didn’t make any difference and it still felt quite tender afterwards. However, I will persevere with this one and hopefully it will make a difference after a few uses.

Fango face and body mask

Borghese Fango Face and Body Mud Mask: I’ve been keeping an eye on this face mask as I’ve heard that’s it’s fantastic. But at £27 it’s pricy, so I’m looking forward to comparing it against my Glamglow Super Mud Mask, which I absolutely love. This mask is cheaper though so I’m hoping it will do the business.

Jouer Matt Moisture tint

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Nude: I love Jouer products and I’ve wanted to try this foundation for a while, but as it’s only available online I’ve been holding back. This is mainly down to the £30 price tag and also I wasn’t sure which colour to order. I have fair skin, which means there are two colour choices I could choose between but thankfully I came across a review which said nude was perfect for neutral skin tones and they weren’t wrong as this is a perfect colour match for me.

Even though this is a tint it still gives really good coverage and it doesn’t leave my face too shiny by the end of the day. I think it has a nice consistency, blends well and so far I really like it. I think this will be perfect for the weekend and over summer when I don’t want to wear a heavy/full coverage foundation.

Suz x