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White Bloomer

White Bloomer

Hi there,

I seem to have been on a bread making mission lately as I’ve made three different types of bread in the space of a week. All the recipes were taken from my Paul Hollywood Bread book which is fast becoming one of my most used and favourite books of all time as there are so many recipes that I want to try and most of the time they come out perfect. Loaf uncut

Standard white bloomer

I’ve never made a white bloomer before but the recipe is similar to another recipe I’ve made from the book (bacon and stilton bread rolls) in that it needs to prove twice. This guy took around 5 hours to make, prove and cook and I can tell you it’s definitely worth the wait. We use a healthy oil at home so I decided to use this instead of olive oil but because the oil is orange my loaf had a slight yellow tinge to it. Uncooked loaf

And for a first attempt I didn’t think it wasn’t too bad. The bread was lovely and soft, and had a nice open texture with a lovely crust thanks to the steam from the water bath. The shape wasn’t the prettiest but this is something that will come with practice.  Sliced

Malt Loaf

I hate shop bought malt loaf as the texture and taste is so chewy and sticky but this malt loaf is a real treat as it tastes so much better. However, the dough is a bit more temperamental than others I have worked with as I struggled to get the mixture to come together as it was very wet. In the end I added more flour but this is something I don’t like to do as it can change the balance and make the bread dry. ML Kneaded

In the book it stated that proving time was 1.5 hours but I left mine a bit longer as it hadn’t reached the required height. I also added dates and raisons but I left out the honey as we didn’t have any in the cupboard. Loaf

This recipe makes two 2lb loaves but for some reason the one that was cooked in a loaf tin tasted much better. I’m not sure if this is something to do with how it retains heat compared to a silicon mould but I will definitely try this recipe again to see if I can improve on it plus I enjoy eating this for my breakfast!

ML Sliced


I’ve been eyeing up this recipe for a while as we eat wraps at least once a week at home so I had visions of me throwing away the shop bought ones forever and only eating fresh ones. However that myth was soon dispelled once I’d attempted these little guys. Wraps

Overall this was a nice dough to work with and it looked impressive once it had proved but the hardest part was trying to roll out the wraps. The dough felt quite springy and refused to expand so I couldn’t make them thin enough. Also, you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was trying to shape them in to a perfect round shape. There was enough dough for six wraps but I only managed to get one which resembled a wrap. The rest looked very similar to my halloumi and chilli flatbreads and as that’s a much easier recipe I would choose that recipe over this any time. But hey at least I tried and I can now move on to the pizza section! 


Suz x