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Test final

Test plate

Hi lovelies,

As mentioned in my previous post last week saw me finish my final two baking assessments and one of the desserts we needed to complete was a set custard dessert. Again this is another dish which has a lot of processes and needs copious amounts of washing up! For my first attempt I used strawberries as a basis for my fruit coulis and this was also used within the dessert. However, I soon realized that strawberries are not the best fruit to use as they don’t thicken up very well so you need to use arrowroot to give it a thicker texture.


Strawberry Bavoir

Surprisingly I didn’t have any major disasters when making the first set of desserts and I must admit that I really enjoyed it. The texture was thick and creamy, and it tasted great with some Chantilly cream, chocolate swirls and strawberry coulis. Normally this is not something I would choose to eat as I’m not a big fan of things that have little or no texture; jelly, panna cotta and crème caramel to name but a few.

On the night of the test the only change I made was that I used frozen fruits of the forest rather than frozen strawberries as I didn’t want to mess about with adding arrowroot but on the night disaster struck again… For the recipe you have to boil 200g of fruit to use for the coulis but because I was distracted by making the custard I let mine simmer down too much so instead of having 200g to add to the set custard and egg white I only had 31g, Ahhh…so instead of it looking a lovely vivid purple mine was much more muted!


Fruits of the Forest Bavoir

That said once all the steps were completed and combined it was relatively plain sailing so while the dessert was setting I was able to start making my chocolate decorations before plating up for the taste test. As usual the weather decided to misbehave and because the room was so hot some of my chocolate decorations had started to melt before I had finished so I wasn’t completely happy with the final look but unfortunately I couldn’t do anything about it. On a positive note the lack of fruit coulis in the dessert didn’t distract from the taste. It was really smooth and creamy, and it tasted great so I will definitely be making these again. In fact I’ve already bought some disposable dariole moulds so all I need to do now is find some time to make them.

Suz x