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Test final 

Hi there,

The last eight months have whizzed by and I can’t believe that I will be finishing my baking course at the end of June. They say time flies when you’re having fun but I can’t say I was having too much fun last week as we were doing our final baking assessments.

And boy they were tough. I’ve never been the best when it comes to multi-tasking so when I found out that we would be making both a soufflé and a bavois (a custard set dessert) on the same night I was completely horrified. 

Souffle egg

Almost ready to go in the mould

Adding the egg white at the end ensures a light mixture

As these desserts have quite a few steps to follow we had two lessons dedicated to them and it was a good job as my first attempt at a soufflé was a complete disaster. This was mainly down to the fact that I completely missed out one of the steps in the process (I’m blaming the recipe and not my memory!) so I had to start all over again.

Souffle uncooked

A dusting of melted butter and caster sugar ensures the bake comes away from the mould easily.

I faired a little better when it came to making the Crème Anglaise as I normally stay well clear of any desserts that contain the words egg and heat so I was happy that I had something resembling custard.

Souffle top

However, to ensure it all went OK on the night I decided to do a practice run at home and thankfully I didn’t have any issues with my soufflé and they came out beautifully. I only made two but they were incredibly light and airy, and although a bit too sweet for me they were still enjoyable, even though I turned them out upside down!

Souffle test

 Souffle inside

One thing I do regret though was not doing a test run on the Crème Anglaise as the most stressful part of the evening was trying to make the custard within the 12-14 minutes it took for the soufflés to cook.

 Souffle top2

I wanted my plate to look simple and I was happy with how it turned out. It’s just a shame the rest of it wasn’t as good as the custard seemed to be a bit on the thin side but I was so worried about the egg scrambling that I decided I’d rather it was thin than completely ruined. I also realized afterwards that I had put too much mixture in the mould so it probably needed another minute or two cooking time. Test cut open

However, I’m glad I got the chance to make soufflé as I can at least say I’ve made it. Whether I make it again though remains to be seen because as well as worrying if the damn thing will come out there’s also far too much washing up that comes with it!

Suz x