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These russian chocolates look so pretty. I'm sure they will be in the next food favourites.

These russian chocolates look so pretty. I’m sure they will be in the next food favourites.

Hi lovelies,

So in my quest to become more wheat, dairy and sugar free I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of food and I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that it’s a minefield. No matter how much you try to eat healthily there’s always some hidden nasty to catch you out somewhere else. However, all this experimenting has really inspired me and I’ve got a whole host of new things I want to try out.


Koko Dairy Free Milk: This is the best alternative to milk that I’ve found for using on cereal as the texture and taste is much nicer than soya milk. I have used this in tea and coffee but it does change the taste so I prefer to take them black. I just wish it came in a smaller size as I’ve never managed to finish one yet.

Lactofree cream cheese: This is a new find which I’ve been eating with my wheat free crackers and rice cakes. Taste wise I’d say the lactose free one is a bit tangier than the normal full fat one but I would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Price wise this one comes out at £1.28 compared to around 60p for a supermarket home brand so not a great deal of difference.


Nairns wheat free crackers: I’m a big fan of these wheat free crackers and I usually have these everyday for my breakfast as they are quick, easy and surprisingly filling. However, they can get a bit boring after eight weeks on the trot.


Protein Smoothie – Strawberry and Banana: I’ve never been one for smoothies as I dislike the texture but this one can be mixed with water so as well as being really quick to make it’s not as thick or gloopy. There is the option to add real fruit, milk and ice cubes so I’d be interested to see how it turns out. I don’t need an excuse to use my processor and I definitely want to experiment with some more smoothie recipes.


Wholewheat noodles: I’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce my carb intake so I only eat brown rice and pasta but I still think my portions are too large. However, since finding these wholewheat noodle nests it is a lot easier to control my portion sizes. These are so quick and easy to make and they feel much lighter on the stomach compared to rice and pasta. I’m also obsessed with soya beans at the moment so they go hand in hand with these noodles.



9 bar – pumpkin and fruity: This is another recent discovery and I was so pleased to discover they were wheat and gluten free. They taste amazing but even with my sweet tooth the sugar and carb content made me wince. However, I’m glad I found them as it has inspired me to have a go at making my own from scratch. So watch this space for some seed, fruit and nut energy bars.


Fruity 2

Eating out: April has been a busy month for eating out as we’ve had a couple of planned nights out so I was almost on my best behavior.

Blue cheesecake

For me the stand out meals included a blue cheese cheesecake, something I’ve wanted to try for ages as I love blue cheese and I love cheesecakes. It certainly didn’t disappoint although I was expecting the poached pears to look a lot different and the salad was a bit lame.


I also couldn’t resist some squid, prawns and courgette tempura, even though fried food is usually a big no-no.

Bailey's and chocolate torte

And who could resist the Bailey’s and Chocolate Torte, which was as light as a feather.

Tuna tartare

My husband also chose some great dishes while we were out but I have to say I would be too scared to order tuna tartare. However, I wish I’d have chosen the seabass as it looked amazing.



Suz x