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Finished flapjack

Hi there,

Other than my baking class on a Monday evening I don’t tend to do much baking during the week but since I noticed that I had lots of ingredients that needed using up and being that I was in the doghouse with the husband I decided to make his favourite cherry, oat and chocolate flapjacks.


I’ve been making these flapjacks since 2012 and they’re still one of his favourite traybakes mostly because of the texture. With some flapjacks they can be quite heavy but this recipes uses self raising flour as well as rolled oats and it makes them incredibly light and not to mention moreish.

Flapjack in tin

Over the years I’ve experimented with this recipe using other types of dried fruit and with and without the chocolate topping but I still think the original recipe of cherry and chocolate is the best. However, that didn’t stop me adding some candied orange to the mixture and using dark chocolate with cranberries to mix it up a bit last night.


With cooking time it only takes around 40 minutes to make these flapjacks so I also decided to make a couple of lemon drizzle cakes as I needed to use up some homemade lemon curd (courtesy of my Father-in-Law). So hopefully the cakes will do the trick and get me out of the doghouse.

Lemon drizzle

If you’d like to give this recipe a go. Click here for the recipe.

Suz x