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finished cake2
Hi there,

Three posts in a week! I’m definitely on a roll!

Ever since I saw Mary Berry Cooks on TV I’ve had my heart set on making her four-layer lemon cake as it looked absolutely amazing and I thought it would make the perfect birthday cake for my Father-in-Law. One of the things I was most intrigued about this cake was the fact that you need to boil the lemons for 20 minutes before adding everything (skin included) to the cake mixture. I have never seen anyone do this before so I was super excited to try this recipe. It also meant I was able to use my food processor, which always makes life so much easier. Although cleaning up afterwards can be a bit of a pain!

Cake mix

Once the lemons had been boiled and blitzed half was then added to the cake batter and the other half was used for the lemon filling. This cake was very quick to make as everything was just chucked into the processor before being added to cake tins to be cooked for 30 minutes. However, as per normal I didn’t read the recipe properly and so I cooked mine for 25 minutes as I had set it on the wrong oven setting.


While the cakes were in the oven it gave me chance to wash up with a little help from my lovely husband. And so by the time everywhere was clean and tidy it was time to make a mess again as I needed to use the processor to make whizz up the lemon filling.


After cutting and filling all the layers the last job was to decorate the cake using fondant icing and some left over lemon juice. I also bought some little wafer flowers to make it more spring like and I was very pleased with the result. Even though there are four layers to this cake it is still a light bake and so long as you don’t go mad it doesn’t sit too heavy on the stomach.

Four layers

Initially I was quite scared of adding all the lemon as I thought it might be too sharp so I added some lemon curd to the cake batter and lemon cream filling. However, I think you could get away with adding even more lemon and if I make this cake again I will add a layer of either lemon or lime curd under each sponge along with a few fresh raspberries on top. I’ve made quite a few Mary Berry cakes and she never lets me down, this one is definitely a winner and is perfect for spring and summer.

finished cake

finished cake3


If you’d like to attempt this cake the recipe can be found here.

Suz x