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Pai skincare

Hi Lovelies,

I have another shopping/beauty post for you so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Although I love make up skincare is where my heart really lies. And since I have combination to oily skin, prone to blemishes I am always on the lookout for something that will give me amazing skin. I really enjoy discovering new brands but more often than not I’ve moved on to the next product but I’ve even finished the last, disappointed that it’s failed to live up to its promise and out of pocket.

But this time I think I may have found something that beats even my beloved Aromatherapy Associates. I first came across Pai Skincare last December after Ruth from A Model Recommends mentioned the trial pack but as I was happy with my current skincare regime I decided not to get it.

Big mistake on my part… not least because it was only £5 for four 5ml moisturisers, a brightening exfoliator, cleanser and a muslin cloth as well as free delivery. The price has since gone up to £8 and the samples have been reduced to 4ml, but as my skin has taken a turn for the worse again I thought I would go down the organic route and try something that is aimed at sensitive skin.

Pai skincare close


So let me get the negatives out of the way. First off I think this set is completely overpriced. I know you’re getting a muslin cloth thrown in, which is worth £3 but the size of the samples are tiny and only last a couple of days at a push. My other bug bear is that I’m paying for products that I probably won’t use as they are not suited to my skin type. I would have preferred to see a set which is aimed specifically at combination skin and includes a toner as well as a bigger sample of the cleanser.

But for all the negatives there are lots of positives not least the cleanser, which on first use I thought was too gentle for me but I suspect was because I didn’t use enough. After a couple of days I could really see the difference as my skin seemed much clearer, calmer and my blemishes were starting to fade.

Out of the four moisturisers I decided to use the Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream first. This is a really nice, light mosturiser which sinks into the skin without leaving it greasy. I also noticed that I wasn’t as shiny during the day so I have been very impressed. After finishing this I then moved on to the Chamomile and Rosehip Calming Day Cream and OMG!! I’ve only used this once but it left my skin so soft and made it look so radiant. I’m definitely looking forward to using this over the next few days.

In the past when it comes to exfoliators I like mine to be fierce but I’ve been converted by the Kukui & Jojoa Skin Brightening Exfoliator as again it is very gentle on the skin. I like the gel consistency and it reminds me of a mix between a cleansing balm and a face oil (obviously not as runny) and I really enjoy using oils on my face.

I also couldn’t go without mentioning the muslin cloth as normally I hate any routine that uses a muslin cloth as it’s too much of a faff at 5.30am. But I have to say this is the best muslin cloth I’ve ever used as it doesn’t feel flimsy and it exfoliates your skin leaving it feeling clean and fresh afterwards.

So to sum up I have really enjoyed everything I’ve used so far but I think you need at least a couple of weeks to really test a product before you can make your mind up, a small sample is just not enough. But based on what I’ve already tried I will definitely be getting the full size cleanser, toner and moisturizer as my skin has really improved while using these products and I’d like to see how it gets on over a longer period. I find them incredibly gentle on my skin and it’s feeling more nourished and much brighter, not to mention less oily. The only decision I need to make is which mosituriser to buy but I’m hoping by going back to basics I will see an improvement.

Suz x