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Happy Easter,

I was hoping to be posting about a big fat, chocolate fudge cake topped with lots of mini eggs and some chocolate truffle eggs but my husband is doing some work to this kitchen this weekend so I’m afraid it will have to be a belated Easter post! In the meantime I have been loving my new Olivia Burton watch so much that I thought I would bore everyone with a little post about it.

Two years seems to be an extraordinarily long time to be looking for a new watch. But I was looking for something specific so I wasn’t sure whether I would ever find it as Rose Gold only ever seems to be available in chunky oversized bracelet watches. However, I’d set my heart on a rose gold watch with a purple leather strap and after years of looking I finally stumbled across Olivia Burton.

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And I can tell you that after only a few minutes on their website I knew I had found what I was looking for. The only downside was that they didn’t have a rose gold and purple watch… but they did have lots of other options though and anyone that knows me knows that when faced with lots of options I generally can’t make a decision.

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So the only course open to me was to find my nearest stockist, some 30 minutes’ drive away, so I could decide which colour and size to choose. And there it was sitting innocently on the shelf, a big dial rose gold watch with a purple leather strap. The wait was finally over and as I handed over the last of my Christmas money I knew I’d made a good choice.

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This is such a classic, lightweight watch. I love it to bits and what’s more it’s so reasonably priced. Although I paid slightly more for mine as I bought it from an independent shop which I’m guessing had some old stock left over. I can’t recommend this watch enough and they come in some great colours. I only wish they had interchangeable straps so I could co-ordinate the straps with all my clothes, sad but true!

Suz x