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Hi lovelies,

Judging from most of the content on my blog you’ll be surprised to learn that I harbor a secret wish to completely change my diet and become wheat, dairy and sugar free. This is in most part due to a special diet I followed for a couple of weeks where I cut out alcohol, wheat, dairy, sugar and potatoes and I can honestly say that in those few weeks I never felt as healthy or well as I did then. But as much as I’d have loved to continue with the diet I found it incredibly hard work trying to come up with different meals every night for me and the husband. But that said I have successfully incorporated some dairy and wheat free alternatives into my diet and we eat very little potato these days.

One thing I can’t give up though is chocolate… so when I saw this dairy-free chocolate brownie recipe in this month’s Good Food magazine I was really happy. And I couldn’t wait to try it out so that I could compare it with my all-time favourite brownie recipe. What’s good about this recipe is that you don’t need tons of ingredients and it’s pretty easy to follow. Sadly, it does have a lot of sugar but then you can’t have everything.

Thick mixture


When compared to my normal brownie recipe the main difference was the texture as the mixture was very thick and quite difficult to maneuver in the tin without the eggs. I also found it quite hard to judge when it was cooked as I normally rely on the brownie cracking and coming away from the side of the tin, but this recipe didn’t do that so I think I overcooked mine slightly.


But to be honest I was really impressed as it had a nice texture, which was very chocolaty, chewy and surprisingly Moorish. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything or that it was lacking in flavor and although I prefer my brownies to be gooey inside I will definitely be making these again, not least because I have a big packet of flaxseed to use up! I’ve been searching for an egg free cupcake recipe for the last couple months and luckily I have now found a recipe I want to have a go at, so watch this space for my next experiment.

Suz x