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Hello my lovelies,

My top three favourite cheeses are all blue cheese which means I never need an excuse to tuck in. So following a girl’s day out last weekend I was feeling rather delicate and looking for an easy way to spend my Sunday. In the end I decided to work on my bread skills and make some bacon and blue cheese tear and share bread rolls.



These rolls require very little effort to make and need surprisingly few ingredients but what they do need is time. So at 1pm I added some flour, butter, salt, yeast and water to a bowl and off I started. Once the dough had come together I tipped it onto a lightly floured surface to knead for 10 minutes before leaving to double in size. This first prove took 1.5 hours which gave me just enough time to catch up on some on my favourite youtubers.  

 First prove


Kneaded and filled

By this stage the dough felt smooth and elastic, so after cooking the bacon I then added it alongside the crumbled blue cheese. The good thing about this dough is that it is able to take the cheese without breaking down or becoming sticky. After dividing the mixture into eight balls I then worked and rolled each piece until the dough felt firm to the touch. This step is important because it gives the rolls a lift and stops them from sinking and cooking flat.


Finally the dough could be added to the baking tray before being placed in a plastic bag to prove for another 1-1.5 hours. Then after a quick spritz of water, which helps to create steam and gives them a lovely crust and finish, all that was left to do was cook them for around 20 minutes.

T&S closeup


 For me the worst part was having to wait until they’d cooled down as I just wanted to eat them as soon as they came out of the oven. But finally five hours after I began I was able to enjoy them. On a sunny afternoon there’s nothing better than fresh bread so I simply added some turkey and beetroot as well as some Pastrami and they were ready.

S&B rolls with filling

This dough was really nice to work with and made for a lovely light open texture. They tasted incredibly fresh and I guarantee they are definitely worth the effort. I’ve already decided that the next time I make this recipe I will add a juicy piece of chicken, with some lettuce and mayonnaise. And you can’t have a sandwich without crisps so my favourite ham and mustard crisps will definitely be on the plate.

This recipe is from my Paul Hollywood Bread book so I will be happy to add the recipe should anyone want to give it a go.

Suz x