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Haul shot

Hi there,

When it comes to my kitchen I’m always on the lookout for new baking equipment as well ingredients to experiment with so over the last couple of months I have been busy adding some essentials to my baking cupboard. 

Sainsburys recently had 25% off some of their baking range so I decided to take advantage and get a few items: Cupcake holder

Cupcake holder: I will be making and transporting 36 cupcakes for my Sister-in-Laws wedding later this year so I bought two of these cupcake carriers. I’m hoping they are the answer to my dreams and I won’t have any buttercream disasters along the way. As an extra precaution I may even stick the cupcakes down so they don’t slide or rub against each other. Tins and liners

1lb cake tins: After the success of my lemon drizzle cake using two 1lb loaf tins at college I’ve been on the hunt for some of these to use at home. I had planned of getting them from Lakeland as I couldn’t find them anywhere else, but luckily I came across them in Sainsbury’s for £2.66. I was expecting to pay £15 so you can imagine how happy I was to get them for 5.32. All I’ll say is lime drizzle cake here I come, one cake for us and one to give away!! Dough cutter

Dough cutter: I’m trying to get in the habit of baking break every weekend so this dough cutter should prove to be very handy. I love the fact that it is ruled as well.

When we visit Shrewsbury I always like to visit the indoor market as they have a fabulous little baking stall so a couple of weekend’s back I managed to pick up a few things. Edible glitter and colouring

Dusky Rose paste concentration: When it comes to icing cupcakes I always stay in my comfort zone and stick to plain buttercream. However, for my wedding cupcakes I am looking for a dusky rose finish so this little bottle will be getting lots of use until I get the colour I’m looking for. I hope my family gets used to eating pink cupcakes!

Edible glitter: There’s not much to say about this glitter, other than its edible and its pink but I’m hoping it will be the perfect finish to my cupcakes.

Cake liners: Cake liners have been such a revelation since I started going college. In the past I’ve always bought rolls of grease or baking paper and cut them down to size. I can’t believe I’m so late to these but I’ve been converted as it saves so much time. I just need some 9” round and 2lb loaf tine liners to go with my 8” round cake liners now.

I don’t get to go Ikea very often so this surprise visit was very useful.

Ikea tupperware

Large tupperware box: I have quite a few round cake tins but I’ve been looking for a rectangle cake box or tin for quite a while so when I spotted someone in my baking class with this box I thought it would be perfect. A couple of months later I finally managed to get my hands on it and I have to say I was gobsmacked when I saw that it was only £5.75. This will prove to be very useful for my baking class each week.

Suz x