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Photo taken from my ‘Passion for Baking’ book

Hi there,

Last weekend’s sunshine was a welcome surprise after all the rain we’ve had over the winter. But as we’d already bought a roast chicken for our evening meal I decided to make my favourite flatbread to accompany it rather than the usual homemade potato and vegetable roasties.


We had a wonderful summer in UK last year. So when I bought my food processor this was the recipe I made over and over again, which means that when I make them now they always remind me of that glorious period where we made full use of the garden and ate lots of ice-cream.


Un-kneaded mixture

These flatbreads are so quick and easy to make. All you need to do is chuck in all the ingredients and give it a whizz. Once the dough starts to stick together to form a ball you can then take it out, give it a quick knead before adding your final ingredients.

I normally add Halloumi cheese along with the chilli flakes as this cheese is very easy to work with, but I have tried Cheddar and it tastes absolutely yummy. The difference between the cheeses is that the cheddar melts rather than holds its shape but it does add a lovely crust and taste to the bread.

Although I’ve made this recipe quite a few times I haven’t experimented much with the flavours but there are tons of options to choose from. You could try garlic and coriander, cheese and roasted onion, mango and sultana or simply leave them plain if you don’t like too much spice

For this batch I used creamy Greek yogurt instead of normal Greek yogurt and it did make the mixture very wet so you could get away with using less than the 300ml specified or you could just add some more flour until you have the right consistency. I added extra flour and thankfully it didn’t affect the taste or texture but next time I will make sure I use the standard version.


Kneaded and divided into eight balls

Once the dough has been divided and rolled out all that’s left to do is cook them on a griddle for a few minutes. However, as I don’t own a griddle pan I just use a standard non-stick frying pan brushed with a little Carotino oil (which is a versatile, but healthy cooking oil which gives your food a lovely golden colour) and it works just as well.


These are the perfect accompaniment to eat alongside most salads, dipping sauces and meats. Although we just like to eat ours with just some hot roast chicken, Simple but very filling.


These look more golden than they are – the lighting wasn’t so good by the time I finished.

I got this recipe from my Jo Wheatly’s ‘Passion for Baking’ recipe book but the recipe is available online so if you google it a few options will pop.

What recipe reminds you of summer?

Suz x