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First order


Hi there,

Over the last couple of months I have built up quite a collection of Crown Brushes. This is mainly because I’ve been rapidly expanding my eyeshadow collection over the last year so I was in desperate need of some new eye brushes.

I prefer to use synthetic brushes as amongst other things they don’t absorb the product and I’ve never had any issues with shedding. So I tend to stick with just the Syntho and Infinity ranges.

Last order

Oval, crease and blush brushes

Mineral powder brush

Deluxe Mineral Powder

Syntho collection includes:

  • SS011 Deluxe Oval Shadow x3
  • SS012 Deluxe Crease x2
  • SS020 Syntho Precision Crease
  • SS028 Syntho Chisel Shader
  • SS029 Syntho Angle Fluff
  • SS010 Deluxe Mineral Powder
  • SS013 Deluxe Angle Blush
second order close

Crease and oval brushes

 Infinity collection includes:

  • C461 Infinity Precision Crease
  • C459 Infinity Chisel Fluff
  • C455 Flat Blender


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to wash and keep clean
  • No shedding
  • Sleek casing
  • Quick delivery


  • No brush number or names on the handle of the Syntho range, which means it’s easy to forget what you ordered.

So to sum up I think these are great brushes at affordable prices, which are even better value when they are discounted. On my last order I managed to get 30% off, which I was really chuffed with. My favourite brushes are the oval shadow brushes and the mineral powder brush as I use these on a daily basis. I would love it if Crown offered you the option to buy these with rose gold casing…hint, hint. Then again, it’s probably not a good idea as I would want to buy all of them.

Suz x