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Finished cake2

Hi there,

When it comes to baking sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t go to plan. Last weekend I decided to make a Merry Berry carrot, coconut, walnut and pineapple cake, minus the pineapple. And that’s where it started to go wrong as I made two big errors mainly because I didn’t read the recipe correctly.


For some reason I only thought I needed one 9” cake tin and 2 pineapple rings. However, it was too late by the time I discovered that I actually needed two tins and 220g pineapple – oops. So it was just a case of hoping that the cake wasn’t too dry when it came out.

Mixed cake

This cake was supposed to be a layer cake but once it had cooked and cooled I realised that it had not risen enough so I wouldn’t be able to slice it in half. I was pretty gutted by this point as I was making this cake as a present so the only alternative was to keep it as one cake and have just one layer of icing rather than two.

Cooked cake

In the end I managed to salvage the cake and I think it didn’t look too bad, not as good as Mary’s though. I heard it went down well and thankfully it wasn’t dry without the pineapple. Next time I will force myself to slow down and read the recipe a few times before I start. I guess it’s good to have a few disasters in the kitchen as I will definitely learn from my mistake.

If you would like to attempt this cake you can find the recipe here. 

Have you had any baking disasters and were you able to rescue them?

Suz x