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Hi there,

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying out lots of new things so here’s what I’m loving at the moment.

Skincare: I’ve been testing out the Ole Hendriksen Seven Sensations Skincare over the last couple of weeks and there are some real gems in this little kit. I particularly like the cleanser as it does a great job taking off all my make up (including stubborn mascara) and leaving my skin feeling clean and soft. However, I don’t like the orange smell as I find it a bit overpowering and I’m not too keen on the foam texture, but it does lather up and it’s nice and creamy. I can live with these niggles though as it’s such a good cleanser.  


When it comes to face scrubs I like mine to be fierce and this little guy is certainly fierce. This walnut scrub leaves my skin looking red but feeling squeaky clean and super soft. The best bit is that is smells of marzipan! I will definitely be buying the full size when this one is finished.  At the moment my skin has never looked so good so I’m really glad I got this set.

Neutral copy

Make up: I’m loving neutral make up at the moment so my favourite eye combination is Inglot’s 397P, 465DS and 405P.  My favourite lip combination is Stila in Adorable which I pair with Culminate which I bought for £5 in their sale. Culminate is a sheerish/copper lipgloss which has some sparkle and lasts about two-three hours on me. This lipgloss is not sticky and I find it quite hydrating on the lips, which surprised me. I will definitely be getting some more colours in future.

Lip combo2


Lip combo

Adorable – Culminate – and how they look together


Trudi top

Trudi top

Bargain: While in Manchester a couple of weeks back I popped in to Monsoon to look for a statement necklace but I ended up coming out with a new top. I love tops which are elegant but have a pop of colour and this one is perfect for dinner with my husband. Even better I got a great deal. It was reduced from £39 to £19.50 but as there was a bit of damage to the cuffs I thought I’d try my luck to see if I could get a bit more off. It worked and they offered me another £9.50 off. I was chuffed to get this top for £10, sometimes it pays to be a bit cheeky.

Muffins duo

Carrot and pineapple muffins with marzipan carrots

Cake: There have been quite a few cakes eaten this past month (oops) but the one that sticks out in my mind was the one I made at college a couple of weeks ago. When out and about I would never choose a muffin in a café or coffee shop I always go for the chocolate cake. But I love these carrot and pineapple muffins. They are incredibly moist and very moreish. I gave most of these away last time I made them so I will definitely be whipping up another batch. 

Music: I have become completely obsessed with a song called Basille of the Night, which is a mash up of ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ and Rhythm is a dancer. It’s definitely one to listen to if I’m having a bad day at work!


TV: I have been a happy bunny since my two favourite TV shows returned in February. The Good Wife and Nashville air on a Thursday night but I like to save them till Friday afternoon where I indulge in a nice cup of tea and some of my secret chocolate. I have two hours of bliss before I have to start the housework. You seriously need these shows in your life!

What are you loving right now?

Suz x