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Lemon and sultana scones

Hi there,

At collage last week it was all about the rubbing in method. First we made an apricot and cinnamon cake then we moved on to scones, both sweet and savoury. I’ve never made a savoury scone before  which is why I’m enjoying this course so much as I’m baking many things that a) I would never attempt and b) I’ve convinced myself I wouldn’t like.

Lime scones

These scones are perfect with some lime curd

Scones are quick and easy to make and the ingredients are usually relatively cheap. For my sweet scones I added sultanas and lemon but you could try adding glace cherries, dried strawberries, and dried blueberries or simply just leave them plain. Buttermilk is always a nice addition too.

Cheese scone

Cheese scone

For my savoury scones I added cheese, mustard powder and cayenne pepper but again there are lots of combinations you could try. I am a big fan of blue cheese so next time I make these I will definitely be adding some Blackstick’s Blue, which is number one in my top three cheese list, to eat alongside some pineapple chutney.

Apricot and Cinn

Apricot and Cinnamon cake with a honey glaze

If you like the taste of cinnamon and you’re looking for a light bake then I can thoroughly recommend this cinnamon and apricot cake with a honey glaze. I only time I ever use apricots when baking is in my Christmas cake so it was a nice change to try them in something else. However, if you’re not much for apricots I’m sure you could get away with dried cranberries or dates as an alternative.    

Apricot cake

If you would like a copy of the Cinnamon and Apricot cake, please leave a comment below and I will update the post to include it.

Suz x