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Inglot palettes

Hi there,

It’s been a few weeks since I received my new Inglot palette so I thought it was about time that I did a first impressions and swatches post as I know how difficult it can be to choose which shadows to get using the Inglot website. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with new looks and overall I’m pretty impressed with the quality and pigmentation.

However, as I mentioned previously I did manage to get a 40% discount so in my eyes it’s not that bad. In total I spent £41, including postage, and for this I got a 10-pan palette, eight eyeshadows and two lipsticks. This works out at roughly just over £3 per eyeshadow and lipstick, which is an absolute steal.

Inglot 358&399

399P & 358M

399P: I tend to stay away from pinks as I don’t think they suit my skin tone however I was bowled over by this one and so I decided to risk it. I absolutely love this shade and I’ve been reaching for it most days. Again I like to use it as a lid colour and in the inner eye area. Although I don’t own the Naked 3 palette it wouldn’t surprise me if this could be a dupe for one of the many pinks in that palette.

Inglot 358&397

358P & 399P

358M: I debated for quite a while whether to get this shade as I already own 360M and I wasn’t sure if they would be too similar. However, when compared with 360M this shade is slightly lighter. I did notice that the formula seems drier that the pearl shadows so I have to add a few layers before I’m happy with the coverage. If I’m honest I probably wouldn’t have bought this one if I’d seen it in person.

360&358&420 swatch

360M, 358M 420P

Inglot 397&465

397P & 465DS

397P: I wasn’t sure about this one as I’d already decided to get 399P when I saw a review saying both 397 and 399 were very similar. However, I’m happy to say they look completely different on my skin tone (fair). This is a beautiful light champagne/peach colour with a pearlised finish which I like to use all over the lid and in the corner of my eye. So far I haven’t had any problems with creasing or fading and this is definitely one of my favourites.

465DS: This is a dirty brown/greyish sparkly colour which looks beautiful when swatched but it isn’t as intense on the eye unfortunately. The glitter doesn’t show up when applied but I did notice a bit of fallout with this one. That said I’ve been using this one alongside 397P and 405P and it’s a lovely combination.

Inglot 450&446&434&451 swatch

450P, 446P, 434P, 451P

446P: I don’t own any purple shadows so I’ve been looking build up my collection. This is a lovely jewel toned purple and again it has good pigmentation and staying power. I’ve been wearing this one over 399P with some blue eyeliner and again I’ve had no issues with creasing or fading.

450P: I’ve been lusting after MAC Cranberry for months but I’ve never had the confidence to buy it. So when I heard 450P was supposed to be a dupe I decided to take the risk and buy it. Again, this is a beautiful jewel toned cranberry shade, perfect for the crease and perfect for co-ordinating with my work bag and coat! I’ve only worn this shadow once but it didn’t seem to have the same staying power as the others. However, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as I used quite a light hand when applying as I was a bit scared of the colour.

434P: I’ve been trying to get my hands on this shade for a while now and I’m so glad I managed to get it. This has tones of charcoal and purple and when swatched it doesn’t look anything special. But on the eye it’s absolutely gorgeous. I find this a good one to use in the crease but I like to I wear it all over the eye for a more intense look. Again, I had no issues with creasing or fading.


446P, 434P, 451P, Prism compact

451P: Out of the eyeshadows I bought this is probably my least favourite as it is very similar to the darkest colour in my Hourglass compact. I’ve worn this one a couple of times in the crease and once as an all over eye wash and I did notice a bit of creasing with this one after a few hours but that was because I didn’t use a primer that day.Favourite

Lipstick swatch

06, 44

Lipstick 06 : I like Inglot lipsticks and this one is no exception. This is the perfect pink/nude on me and looks amazing with a bold eye. The only downside is the texture. It is a much drier consistency that the other ones I own, which suggests it may be a matte lipstick. However, I will forgive it almost anything as this is the shade I’ve been searching my whole life for (dramatic I know!).

Lipstick 44: I can’t decide if I like this lipstick or not as it shows up more of a Barbie pink on me so depending on my eye make up it can look a bit too much. This lipstick is more creamy than 06 but there is nothing wrong with it other than the shade.

Quality: Although I think all Inglot shadows are great quality and value for money I do prefer the formulation and finish of the pearl shadows. For the most part they have great staying powder, pigmentation and hardly ever crease. Generally I’m not a big fan of Matte or glitter shadows so in future I will stick with just pearl shadows. But I do plan on getting a few more lipsticks and I’d also like to try their freedom lipglosses.

Which is your favourite Inglot shadow?

Suz x