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Hi there,

I really didn’t want to write this post… I have been desperately trying to turn over a new leaf and start saving more however as you can see from the title my new resolution didn’t last very long. You probably realise by now that I don’t have much willpower when it comes to shopping, cake and chocolate but in my defence there was good justification to giving in but then again, there always is with me!

This month I had planned on getting just one item from my wish list – The Alex Ikea unit. This has now been delayed until next month because in the end I bought slightly more than I expected and probably needed to.


Recipe books are definitely a weakness with me and so when I spied the Book People at work I decided to take a look as I wanted something for my niece’s birthday. Ten minutes later I left with Paul Hollywood’s Bread book. In my mind I justified this because I want to develop my bread skills so I’m hoping to use this every weekend and also it was only £6. So far I have been hugely impressed, blog post soon to follow, and on a more positive note I did manage to avoid buying the Pies and Puds sequel. In the past I’d have said what the hell and bought both.

Ole seven

Ole Henriksen’s Seven Skincare Sensations: I didn’t hold out very long on the skincare front to be honest. I did tell myself that I wouldn’t buy anything until I’d used up my Aromatherapy Associates cleanser and moisturiser. But then the email pinged… and well I caved. I did initially decide to leave it in my basket overnight so I could think about whether I really needed it but then I found a discount code and you know there’s only one ending when I get free delivery and extra discount. I’m currently testing this set out so expect a dedicated blog post soon. I paid £25 for seven items, which works out at £3.57 per item, totally worth it for such a luxurious brand.

Illamasqua haul2

Illasmaqua: Having browsed their sale a couple of weeks back I was pleased with myself for having resisted. Then last week I noticed they had made further discounts and so I caved again. I totally don’t need any more makeup but that said I don’t feel any guilt for splurging as I got some great bargains. I re-purchased Gleam in Supernatural, which was included in my 2013 beauty favourites. I also ordered tremble, a gorgeous powder blush and lastly I got culminate, which is Pinkpixiedolls lipgloss. I paid £7.50 for both the highlighter and the blush and then £5 for the lipgloss and considering I paid £18 for Supernatural last summer I’m pleased to have got everything for £20 including free delivery.

Illamasqua haul

I will try harder to spend less next month but who knows what will happen once something’s lodged in my head. All I’ll say is the intention is there!!

Suz x