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House 1

While in the Lakes back in November I came across a gingerbread house mould that caught my eye and which I thought would be the perfect Christmas gift for my younger nieces and nephews. I’ve never made a gingerbread house before but the inner child in me was eager to give it a go. So I bought the mould and this weekend I got it out to use for the first time.

Chocolate mould
In the end I decided to take the easy route and use chocolate rather than gingerbread as I thought it would appeal to younger children more. Also, it would give me the opportunity to spend more time on the decoration which is what I was looking forward to most!

Set chocolate
After melting and pouring in the chocolate I waited the necessary two hours before I could begin then I got to work… and let me tell you those little decorations get everywhere. I’m still finding them a day later!
Four little houses later I was finished and I think they turned out pretty well. Although I wasn’t completely happy with the wrappers, it probably took me longer to cover and wrap them than to build and decorate them. However, some strategically placed ribbon managed to hide the worst of it.

Finished house
The only part that didn’t turn out very well was the little people as the mould is so small I couldn’t get all the chocolate in and I have no idea how you would manage with the gingerbread dough. Mine looked more like tortoises than people. There was going to be a close up photo… but I think the husband polished them off when I wasn’t looking.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have a good one and Santa brings everything you asked for!!
I’m now waiting to see what comes up in the sales so be prepared for some haul posts… White Stuff currently have 40% off so I think there may be a little package coming through the door in the not too distant future and let me tell you the guilt has already set in.

Have you done any Christmas baking?

Suz x