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Hi there,

After buying and loving the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette back in October I was keen to get my hands on more products from this brand. So when I received a £5 off voucher plus free delivery it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try this eyeshadow duo. However, after a couple of weeks playing around with these shadows I’m writing a very different review to the one I expected to write.


Gimicky Hourglass Packaging

Before ordering I had done lots of research on this duo so when the box arrived I was so excited to finally get my hands on it to test it out in person. Prism includes a lovely silver/blue colour (there are no names listed for these shadows) as well as a black shadow with shimmer and it was this colour which originally caught my and was the reason I decided to buy.

First impressions were good, the shadows felt incredibly soft and buttery and the colours looked really pigmented on my fingertips when I swatched them. However, it went downhill from then on and I have been left so disappointed with this duo. On my eyes these shadows both faded and creased over the course of the day even when used with different primers and for the price, an eyewatering £28, I expected a hell of a lot more.



Prism black, Prism silver/blue, Inglot 420

I’ve tried to persevere with this palette but I find it hard work. Not only do you have to build up the layers to get a decent colour payoff but as soon as you try to blend the darker shade in the crease it sheers out and you’re left with hardly any colour. Out of the two I’d say the silver/blue is more pigmented than the black and I find it lasts better over the course of the day. However, it still doesn’t compare against my Stila palette (which I’ve grown to love) or my lovely Inglot palette.


Inglot 420


Hourglass blue


I originally thought that Inlgot 420 was a dupe for the hourglass one but when swatched together the Inlgot one is more of a lavender/silver colour but it definitely lasts better on me and I only need to use a small amount to get good colour payoff. Inglot also stock a black with shimmer (498) for £4.50 so I wish I’d saved my money and invested in another Inglot palette.

I’m hoping over time that I grow to love this palette but at the moment all I feel is disappointment every time I use it. It just goes to show that spending a lot money doesn’t necessarily translate to a great end result. However, in a way it’s done me a favour as it could have become an expensive habit collecting all the other colours!

Suz x