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Packed and ready to go


Hi there,
My blog has been a bit sparse on the baking side lately so although I’ve been baking most weekends I’ve finally got round to typing up my notes!

As you can probably guess I tend to do lots of baking in the run up to Christmas as I like to give edible gifts as presents. This year I started slightly earlier as I had two birthdays to bake for. I decided to make chocolate fondant cupcakes mainly because next year I will be making my Sister-in-Laws wedding cake. So with this in mind I wanted to get a head start on finding the perfect chocolate cupcake.


There are three elements to this cupcake – the chocolate sponge, the chocolate ganache filling and the buttercream icing so in the interests of research I did hold back a few to test out… I also used a different icing to the one in the recipe and I did wonder if the buttercream and ganache would be too rich but they worked well together and in fact I think I could have got away with adding more ganache. That said, I don’t think this cupcake is the one for next year’s wedding as I’m after something a bit lighter… so the search goes on.


I’m a big fan of the hummingbird cook books and as usual it didn’t let me down. This recipe can be found in the Cake Days cook book.

Tip: The ganache filling was made with chocolate and double cream so if like me you make too much they can easily be turned into some chocolate truffles. They are quick and simple to make.


Chocolate truffle.2

Chocolate Truffles

I melted some white chocolate and added a layer in a silicone mould. Next I added some orange flavouring to the chocolate ganache mix before layering on the set chocolate. Lastly I added the remaining white chocolate to cover the truffle mix. With a quick dusting of cocoa powder they look surprisingly professional and taste very nice.

Chocolate truffle

Chocolate Truffles Cut Open

Suz x