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ImageHello lovelies,

As I mentioned in my previous post I was on holiday last week, however I still managed to get in a little bit of shopping. Our first stop was in Kendal where I almost blew all my money on a hat and scarf. I managed to restrain myself thankfully and I only walked away with the hat, which my lovely husband had managed to find online in the sale while we were having lunch!


I also picked up a little vase in Kendal which I thought would be perfect for my make up brushes. I think this is really pretty and it only cost £4.95.


In Ambleside one of my favourite shops to visit is the Bath House shop. I picked up a new purse spray in Patchouli and Black Pepper. The price of these little sprays have really shot up so I think this might be the last time I buy in-store as sadly I don’t think they’re worth £14.


My shopping spree finally came to an end in Keswick where I was hoping to blow the rest of my holiday money in the White Stuff shop. However, after much trying on I only came away with one item! So all in all it was quite a tame visit! This is a lovely t-shirt in a great colour; the picture really doesn’t do it justice.


Until the next time, have fun.

Suz x