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ImageHi there,

I’ve been testing a new face mask over the last few weeks and I think I’ve found something that’s finally working on my problematic skin. Over the last couple of months my skin seems to have changed from normal/combination to combination/oily and I’ve been having lots of break outs.

As a result I’ve been trying tons of different products to try and combat the problem but nothing seems to have helped reduce the break outs or the scarring. That is until I used the GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment. The fact that I also managed to get 35% off was an added bonus and one I was more than happy to take advantage of!

I’ve been using this mask pretty much every day for the last three weeks and at first I didn’t notice much difference apart from really soft skin. However, after about a week I started to see an improvement. I haven’t had any more breakouts and the scarring from previous spots seems to be finally clearing up. I tend to get quite a bit of redness round my nose and I’ve noticed that this seems to have reduced as well, which I’m really pleased about.


I only use this mask on my problem areas but you could use it as a full face mask if you wanted. This mask smells quite minty and afterwards my skin feels and looks really clean and soft. I leave this mask on for the full 20 minutes but I don’t recommend leaving it on any longer as I found that it irritated my skin if I left it on too long.

Although my skin is not completely clear it is definitely better than it was so I will continue with this mask and hopefully it will look even better in another three weeks. On a final note, beware, it can get messy!

Suz x