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Chelsea ring

Chelsea ring

Hi there,

In September I started an evening baking course in patisserie and confectionery. The first month has whizzed by and I already feel like I’ve learnt loads. Enriched dough is something I’ve never worked with before and I can’t believe how versatile this mixture is.

From just one piece of dough I was able to make Chelsea buns, iced fingers, split buns and current buns. However, if you wanted you could also make Belgium buns, doughnuts and hot cross buns with this mixture.

Dough texture

Texture before kneading and texture after 10 minutes.

The only downside, in my opinion, with working with this type of dough is that they do need to be eaten within a couple of days otherwise they will go stale. Having made three batches in two weeks I don’t think I can face another split bun for a while. But I definitely had fun making them and testing them out afterwards!

Split bun

Split bun

Experimenting with flavours:

I added strawberry and black pepper jam inside mine but there are endless flavour combinations to try with the split buns. You could try adding a lemon, orange or lime curd or you could top with melted chocolate or even a chocolate orange version. These flavour combinations would also work equally well with the iced fingers.

Iced fingers 1

Iced fingers


Current buns

Current buns


For this recipe I used fresh yeast and Vitamin C (Vitamin C helps to shorten the proving time) but you could substitute this with fast action dried yeast.

I did plan to add the recipe and the method for making these cakes but it would probably turn it into a mammoth essay. However, if you would like me to create another post with both the recipe and my method for making any of the above cakes, please leave a comment and I will include this ASAP.

Suz x