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Hi there,

I have recently celebrated my birthday and I was very excited to receive something that I have been obsessing over for months. You probably realise by now that I am a big fan of make up bags and am forever organising my make up so that it looks neater. However, I have finally found a bag that does all the organising for me.

This Paul & Joe bag is my latest love and I am just so excited to get my hands on it. As far as I know there are only two places where you can order this little fella and after weeks of watching the out of stock sign I was amazed to finally see the buy sign. Well I say I… my husband managed to jump on the Internet and order this within ten minutes of looking (why does that always happen?).

Needless to say this was put away for my birthday so three months after I first spotted it I can now finally choose which products get to go inside.




This bag is the same size as an A5 Filofax. It has a lovely green floral design and easy to clean fabric for any spills. Inside the bag there are two removable pouches, one in the same design as the cover, and the other is a clear mesh material. There are also two inner pockets to keep stuff hidden away as well as room to keep four make up brushes.

ImageI really hope they think about adding additional pouches or accessories to the range so that you can customise this bag in the future. Or even better, how about a miniature travel version?

You can buy this make up bag from either Selfridges or ASOS.

Suz x