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Hi there,

I’ve taken the plunge and just bought a new car. However it meant us doing a 600 mile round journey to pick it up so we decided to make a trip of it and stop overnight in my all-time favourite place – The Lake District.  After a 4.20am start we finally arrived in Ambleside at 4pm with my new car and although we were utterly exhausted we had just enough energy to walk down to the lake and enjoy the late afternoon sun.


We stayed in a little B&B in the centre of Ambleside and after check in we decided to eat early in one of the restaurants we’ve been to many times. Zeffirellis is an Italian restaurant that serves only vegetarian food and also houses a small cinema. The food and service are pretty good and the average price for a main meal is around the £10 mark. This restaurant is popular with families so it does get very busy later on, however this wasn’t an issue for us this time.  


As we had not eaten much over the course of the day we went a bit mad and ordered 3 courses and some wine. Probably not the wisest thing to do when you’re tired. I like to take photos of my food but my husband always gets embarrassed if there are people sitting close by. So apologies for the quality of these as I was under pressure to get them taken quickly!


It rains a lot in the Lakes so we were very lucky with the weather this time.



Choc orange mocha latte

This chocolate orange mocha latte had my name written all over it!

Suz x