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Hi there,

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect chocolate cake. I’d almost given up when I came across three recipes all in quick succession. The cakes are quick and easy to make, and look and taste gorgeous. I think they’re suitable for lots of different occasions so it’s the perfect excuse to try one or all of them out.

Classic Tearoom Chocolate Victoria

After months of saving I finally got my hands on a Magimix blender earlier this year. As you can imagine I was eager to find a recipe to test it out and was pleasantly surprised when I came across this in one of the Sunday magazines.

With this recipe all the ingredients go straight into the blender and a few minutes later the batter is ready to go into a greased baking tin. The next job is to make the buttercream, which is my least favourite thing to do as the icing sugar normally goes everywhere. However, I always cover the bowl with a tea towel and this helps a little. For the glaze I followed the recipe but I think you could get away with using less and just have it on top of the cake rather than running down the sides – symmetrical alert kicking in here!


Without icing

I made this cake for my mum but I did manage to pinch a small piece – purely for research purposes. The cake was nice and light and I would definitely make it again. I didn’t find the cake to be sickly sweet considering it was a chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate glaze (I left out the coffee). However, I would be tempted to try a different flavour combination for the buttercream, maybe chocolate orange, which is probably the best combination ever!

Any negatives: Only the washing up afterwards. As much as I love my Magimix, it does take a while to clean it so it’s ready to use next time.


Mary Berry’s Double Divine Chocolate Cake

This is the perfect afternoon tea cake. Again, it’s incredibly quick and easy to make. In the past, sponge cakes have always gone wrong for me. I’ve been left disappointed many times with a cake that’s too dense, too flat, too dry or just plain burnt. However, I was pretty impressed with this one as I found Mary’s recipe very easy to follow. Plus it’s the only time I’ve made a cake that’s looked remotely like the picture. So for that reason alone it gets top marks. In terms of texture this cake was very soft, so this may put some people off. The sponge was light and fluffy and the icing was sweet but not sickly.


Texture and appearance of cake

Any negatives: The texture may put some off.


Chocolate Birthday Cake

This recipe is taken from Jo Wheatley’s (Previous winner of The Great British Bake off) first cook book and it was this book that inspired me to buy my Magimix as there are so many recipes I wanted to try. Now, I don’t miss the irony of buying a book for less than £10 then spending over £200 on a blender to make the recipes!

As the title says this is a great cake to make for birthdays and I made and assembled it over the course of an afternoon, while waiting for a secret delivery from the White Stuff. Instead of buttercream this cake uses ganache so it is very rich and filling. However, to save time I did cheat and use a palette knife instead of a piping bag to add the ganache.

Texture wise, this cake is firmer than the Mary Berry one and the addition of maltesers gives it a nice crunch. However, if you’re like me you probably won’t have many left by the time you come to use them! I couldn’t find this recipe on Jo’s website but you should be able to google it.


Texture and appearance of cake

Any negatives: This cake is richer than the others so you only need a small piece.

If you only have time to make one of the above cakes then I’d recommend the Classic Tearoom Chocolate Victoria. Of the three this was definitely my favourite in terms of taste and texture.

Suz x