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Hi there,

You may have noticed from other posts that I like a bargain. So when I got notice of a 50% off sale I was on it straight away, heart pumping and all.

Stila is a brand that I’ve not taken much notice of before but with 50% off it’s always a good incentive to try something new. I also took the opportunity to get a new hair brush and while it wasn’t included in the sale I did manage to find a 12% off voucher!

This is what I got…husband look away now.

Stila: In the Garden Palette

I was drawn to this palette mainly because it came with an eyeliner, but what impressed me most was the colour selection in this little set. It includes a few neutrals, various shades of green, as well as a blue and purple for a pop of colour. The eyeliner is a green/brown shade and I don’t own anything similar.

First impressions:

As much as I like this palette I have to admit that I don’t love it. I think the colours are pretty but when compared with my Inglot palette the pigmentation isn’t that great. I had to work hard to get a strong colour on my lids and they seemed to fade over the course of the day, even with my MAC painterly underneath. Out of this palette Breeze, Moss and Rosette are my favourites.


I liked the colour of the eyeliner and it had great staying power once it was on. However, it didn’t apply very easily and I needed to add about three layers before the line was visible.

On the packaging front I loved the design and the size of the palette but I don’t like the cardboard packaging as it’s already starting to look a bit battered after just a few uses. Lastly I like things to be symmetrical… so it drives me crazy that the pans don’t look even. I know, it’s not the end of the world but I like my palettes to look neat and tidy!

Would I buy again? Probably not.


Stila: #9 Blending Brush

I’ve been after a blending brush for a few weeks so when I saw this reduced to £6.50 I knew I had to get it.

First impressions:

This is my first Stila brush and the first thing I noticed about it was how big it is. The brush is very soft and fluffy and it blends really well. I like it and it has become an essential part of my routine.

Would I buy again? Yes.

Stila: Longwear Lip Colour in Adorable

I came across this lipstick by accident when I was researching the In the Garden Palette. Adorable is a beautiful light peach colour and I fell in love as soon as I saw it. In a collection full of pink lipsticks, this is a welcome change.


First impressions:

This lipstick smells of vanilla and looks beautiful on the lips. I found it easy to apply and I love the packaging. However, I didn’t find it very long wearing or glossy compared to my Laura Mercier Gloss Stick. I was disappointed that this only lasted a couple of hours on me and I also found this formula to be very drying on the lips, even when I used a lip balm.

Would I buy again? Yes, but I would only wear it for certain occasions.


Tangle Angel:

I’ve been looking for a new hair brush for a couple of months but it’s taken me a while to decide which one to get. I had planned on getting the Macadamia No Tangle Brush but I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to get this one instead.

First impressions:

I love this brush and would definitely recommend it. My hair is quite long so it can get pretty tangled but this brush doesn’t pull or snag and makes my hair looks smooth after using it.

Would I buy again? Yes, definitely.

What things have you been buying?

Suz x