I love to bake so when I asked my husband what cake he’d like for his birthday he chose a treacle, ginger and lime sponge with lime icing, which I have to say sounds absolutely yummy. I’ve never made this cake before but it was pretty easy to make and assemble, although mine didn’t come out as perfect as the picture sadly!

The cake took 1 hour 15 minutes to bake and around the same time to prep, cool and assemble. The texture of the sponge was lovely and soft, but not too soft, as we decided to follow the recipe and leave it overnight before cutting into it. This was to allow the flavours to develop and become more intense, although I would be tempted to make the cake again to see if it tasted any different eating it on the day.


I’m not a big fan of ginger but I didn’t find the flavour at all overpowering. This cake is seriously moreish and the lime cuts through all the treacly gorgeousness beautifully.   

This cake will keep for up to one week in a covered tin but we finished it in three days as we passed on half the cake to family to ensure we didn’t put on too much weight!

I’m already planning on making this cake again, but instead of using lime curd I am tempted to try it with lime buttercream and instead of making one big cake I want to try making mini individual cakes. This cake screams autumn, so the next time I eat it I will hopefully have just come back from a long walk, the fire will be on and I’ll have a strong brew to wash it down.

You can find this recipe on the Good Food website.